Los Angeles Branch - A Brief History

In 1960 a group of international folk dancers in the Los Angeles area attended a Folk Dance Camp in Northern California. At the camp, dance teacher, C. Stewart Smith, introduced them to a new form of dancing -- Scottish Country dancing. The group were very enthusiastic about continuing this form of dancing, and in 1964 under the leadership of David Brandon and several others, regular classes were formed. With the formation of classes and an ever-increasing interest in SCD, the leadership of the group petitioned the RSCDS in Edinburgh to become an affiliate member. Then, in 1966 following a visit from Miss (later Dr.) Jean C. Milligan to examine and certify the first-ever teachers, the affiliate group transitioned to become the Los Angeles Branch of the RSCDS. In the ensuing years, the LA Branch has trained an outstanding group of teachers, provided and supported a diverse group of weekly classes and many workshops/institutes.

In 2016 the Los Angeles Branch celebrated 50 years of dancing with a formal ball and the publication of a book of dances devised by Branch members.

The Branch continues to sustain a solid membership. In 2020 during the months of the pandemic restrictions, many virtual events and classes were offered, thus keeping members in touch with one another and the interest in Scottish Country Dancing alive.