Who we are
We are members of the Los Angeles Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society who love to introduce people to Scottish Country Dancing. We dance not only at Scottish and Celtic events, we also dance at community fairs and festivals, kirkings, weddings, and for organizations that want to bring a bit of Scottish culture to their members. We've been doing this throughout Southern California for over three decades. We're not professional dancers, we dance on the team in addition to our regular social dancing. Some of our members are also certified as dance instructors.
What we do
The dances we present in our demonstrations are drawn from the full spectrum of social dances done by people who enjoy dancing Scottish. Scottish Country Dancing evolved from both country dancing and 17th Century ballroom dancing into the lively reels and jigs, as well as the elegant strathspeys that are uniquely Scottish. We mix dances and make minor adjustments so the audience can see the fun. Between dances, our Mistress of Ceremonies presents tidbits of Scottish dance, music and cultural heritage. We often also include an opportunity for the audience to try Scottish Country Dancing at the end of our presentation.
The men wear modern kilts. For formal occasions they top it with the "Prince Charlie" formal jacket; for daytime or outdoor performances, they switch to dress shirt and tie. The women wear long dresses for formal occasions, and short dresses for daytime. Outdoors they sometimes wear a more traditional tartan skirt, bodice, blouse and plaid (shawl). All the dancers wear soft, flexible shoes that show off the ballet-like styling of the steps.
Where we have danced
Look for us each year at
  • Queen Mary Scottish Festival
  • Irish Fair and Festival at Fairplex, Pomona
  • Seaside Games, Ventura
  • June Faire, Daughters of the British Empire Home, Sierra Madre
We have also danced at
  • First Presbyterian Church, Santa Monica
  • Westwood Presbyterian Church
  • St. Andrews Society events in Burbank, La Canada, Northridge
  • Redondo Beach International Folk Dance Festival
  • International Music & Culture Festival - Long Beach State College
  • Masonic Temples in Burbank and South Pasadena
  • Bowers Museum Family Festival, Santa Ana
  • The Netherlands Returned Servicemen's Association
  • Nifty 90's (A social club with the average age of 90) proving that you are never too old!
We can dance for you
If you are planning a concert of dance acts, we can provide a Scottish medley. Normally our demonstrations include a 30 to 45 minute program of dances with short commentaries. In a longer program, we can even give audience members an opportunity to try Scottish dancing for themselves.

If you would like us to dance for you, we need enough floor space for 6 to 12 dancers ( at least 30x40 feet). We prefer a wood floor, but can dance on almost any surface that is flat and smooth. Please remember that we wear soft-soled shoes. We bring our own equipment but need access to electrical outlets. We appreciate a changing room and convenient parking as well.

Donations we receive for our demonstrations defray the costs of equipment, costumes and rehearsal hall rental. A piper is a possibility, but requires compensation at the standard musician rate.